A Fresh Start

A Fresh Start

So as I sit here, tapping away, I’m in a daze over the ‘Going Away To University’ party that we threw for my niece on Saturday night, the night out to The Ballet to watch ‘Romeo and Juliet’ on Tuesday and because I am sick with a cold. I feel happy, excited, inspired and awful, all at the same time. And it is atrociously and disgustingly amazing. So much has been going on lately that I almost failed at my first hurdle, to write this post and to commit to my blog and YouTube channels, once and for all. I almost failed… but I didn’t.

I didn’t because I have found the importance of my place on the internet, once again. I hold my hands up and have realised that at this point in my life, I need it the most. It wasn’t exactly here, as I have dabbled in the world of blogging and social media for a couple of years now, but my very first blog was where I started to find myself again, after having two children. I will always be forever thankful for the courage that the world allowed me in those moments that it took to write my first post. An introduction. One where I admitted to the world that I was lost, unrecognisable as the girl who once was. One where I declared love for my family but in the same breath asked if it was okay to love myself too. One where my hands shook as I hit ‘publish’ and in that moment my world changed forever.

I loved that first blog. It was everything that I needed. It was simple. It was freedom. It was courage. It was me, in a chapter. It was a mess but it was fitting.

And now I’m in a new one and I get to start again.

I’m not lost anymore. I’ve never felt more like myself. More alive and more free. I’ve never felt more confidant to say exactly what I want. I’ve never felt more open, honest and happy to just throw down and say, ‘Yep! This is my life, the the way that I live it, the things that I like to eat, wear and buy… This is exactly what I think, care about and strive for!’

And to make absolutely no apologies for it, for being exactly who I am.

Of course, my little space here will always be kind, warm and welcoming…because I like to think that I am. Sometimes it may be too emotional for you, too happy, too excitable… but I can’t help that. That is a big part of who I have always been…And I can’t see that changing. And… I think that is okay.

This tiny space in the big wide web gets to look after my shiny, new chapter. It will see the most special moments with my precious family and it will keep hold of my happy normal. It will remember our adventures for us and mine alone, for me. It will be my mirror in many ways, my diary in others and in my heart, completely.

And this makes me pleased to say that there will be new blog posts here every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 6.30am (UK time), from now on. This is ‘at the least’. Some weeks I may want to write every day. Sometimes I may want to pop my videos here. I may want to share a photograph that I like. These will all be additional things, away from my ‘promise’ to you and to myself.

I will also be looking to start ‘Our Weekend’ vlogs, which will go live on ‘The Sweetest Life’ YouTube Channel on a Monday at 6.30am. Also on this channel, I will be putting a video up every Sunday at 6.30am. These video’s will explore my passions a little further such as travel, home, beauty and style to name a few.

I will then be putting up a third video on my ‘Ria Langner’ YouTube Channel’ (which complements being a Channel Mum Sponsored Vlogger) on Wednesday at 6.30am. These video’s will cover anything parenting and motherhood. From ‘How To’s, day in the life’s, product reviews and rambles about my personal experience as a mama.

Again, these are my goals as a minimum. You can’t and shouldn’t limit creativity after all.

This is going to be amazing, I can feel it.

With Love, Ria x

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