Nobody has just a ‘Hen Night’ anymore, right? 

So when I was in full Hen Planning Mode for my bestie, I knew that I wanted it to be a two-day kind of shindig. As previously mentioned, my friend Katie is not a party girl. She LOVES to dance but falling out of clubs is not her bag. 

After deciding on her ‘Bridal Shower’… I wanted the event for the next day to compliment the relaxed atmosphere from the day before and I wanted ‘The Bride-To-Be’ to come away from her Hen Weekend feeling like a million bucks and ready to tie the knot.

I think that I always had a spa in mind. It just felt like it would offer everything that I wanted for my friend and also (and quite selfishly) for a super busy mama like myself. A spa just seemed like the perfect treat for a lovely group of women to escape their to-do lists and duck out of normality for a few hours for some well deserved relaxation and pampering. 

I can’t believe that I have been living so close to such a wonderful little secret in the shape of Sheldon Spa (Located Lees Court Road, Faversham, Kent)

When we arrived on Sunday 31st May 2015 at around 9.45am, we drove in to what felt like someone’s driveway. We thought that we had the wrong address at first but as we edged closer we realised that we were exactly where we were meant to be. It looked idyllic and it didn’t feel like we were anywhere near our local town…AT ALL! It was so pretty and serene. 

From the moment that we stepped through the door, confused and a little ditzy- nothing felt like too much trouble and all of us girls felt immediately at ease…and ever so comfortable. 

We were taken through health and safety straight away but nothing about it felt too harsh. I’ll be honest, it was thorough… but, nothing about it felt like anything more than being shown around your girlfriend’s house and having a bit of a chat about beauty and general girl talk. The therapists were professional but human. They felt like old friends.

Inside, it was absolutely stunning. The attention to detail was on point and for somewhere that looked so modest from the outside, it was incredibly spacious.

I LOVE this decor. It is so fresh looking and subtle but so very sweet. A perfect, girly haven. Although, next time I come back, I want to come with Matt and I know that he would appreciate how gorgeous it looks too.

Considering that we were at the spa for five hours in total, I didn’t pick up one magazine but I loved knowing that they were there. Before I left home that morning, I shoved a book in my bag but next time, I’ll leave it at home… I wouldn’t need it.

There were so many places to sit and relax and I’m sure that I lost a fair while gazing out of the windows at the beautiful garden.

 I’m not going to lie… Before we left the spa, I made sure that I used each and every one of these products on my face and body. I love Clarins products and it was such a nice touch that they were complimentary. I love lotions and potions but I have quite sensitive skin, it was nice to see them use a reputable and trustworthy brand which I love. Huge thumbs up!

Do you see what I mean about attention to detail? These personal touches make such a difference and really set them apart from other Spa’s. 

Sometimes in life, you have to make time to shut yourself out of the matrix for a few hours because when you do, you can really achieve so much. 

You can spend real time with the people who raise you up, support you and who make you the person that you are. These people are invaluable to your happiness.

You can use this time to write. Letters and notes of encouragement to the people who may need it, will appreciate it and will love to re-visit monumental moments in their lives when your written words exploded from your heart on to paper. 

You can spend this time dreaming, deciding, believing, planning… Just being! 

These moments are even better with fizz…

And even better when you get to drink fizz with friends and your loved ones.

You can smile.

And not for anybody but yourself.

Simply because you can and it is absolutely okay to.

You can be kind to yourself, your soul and your body.

You can appreciate the fleeting moments of solidarity to remind yourself that you, just one person in this big, wide world…are pretty amazing.

We had all that we needed to relax and let go…

And plenty to do while we awaited our treatments. I had a Weleda facial and I still struggle to find the words to describe how amazing that was. I’ll be honest and say that during the treatment, I hardly felt like I was in my body and that is for real. It was such an incredible experience. My skin felt great and for a week after, I didn’t put a scrap of make-up on my face. I felt completely zen and just so happy and comfortable in my skin.

All of the ladies were impressed with their treatments. From pedicures, to back, neck and shoulder massages- we all felt so relaxed and at ease. One of the bridesmaids couldn’t stop smelling her skin from the massage oil and there were a lot of sad faces when it was time to leave.

Saying that, we didn’t leave before indulging in a delicious cream tea to finish off such a wonderful day.

And delicious it truly was.


I honestly can’t say a bad word about Sheldon Spa and I’m just kicking myself that I didn’t find it sooner. As a woman, it is important to feel comfortable in our surroundings and able to embrace our different body shapes and sizes. At Sheldon Spa, it felt a lot like home…seriously, I wish I lived there! There was such a fabulous atmosphere and I couldn’t recommend that you visit there enough. 

You really will come away feeling amazing about yourself and like you are seriously winning at life. I can not wait to go back, with the ladies again and hopefully before then (and sometime soon!) with Matt, the man of my dreams.

With Love

x Ria x


This will be a date that I will always remember. For many reasons.

London Baby

This was the day that I trotted off to London with one of my best friends, had a marvellous day and went to a concert in the evening.

London Baby

Doesn’t that sound simple? To me, it really is not so simple.

I am a Mum, a wife, a blogger, a vlogger, a business partner in a retail shop, a friend and somebody who worries non-stop over things that I probably can’t change.

A day trip to London would usually have me feeling very anxious. Anxious about getting bombed or stuck on the underground somewhere… All crazy and incredibly neurotic thoughts! It has been such a long time since I shimmied around on the tube without a care in the world. Back in my single days, I was always on a bloomin’ tube but now it all feels like the scary realms of the unknown.

I was setting myself up to feel a panic for a few days prior but for the first day in a long time, the day came and I didn’t feel anything but excitement! I got myself ready and armed with my lippy, I rushed to catch the train and to embark on a wonderful day out with my girl friend. My heart didn’t race, I didn’t need to catch a breath and for a change I really felt like I was in the day. Wingin’ it without the constant haze of questions that would usually plague me when feeling out of my depths.

London BabyI felt so proud of myself.

London Baby

I didn’t search for constant reassurance that everything was okay back home. The kids were with Matt. They were all okay. Without me their worlds did not crumble and fall apart. It was absolutely okay that I took a day to be me in the city, looking around at the magnificent buildings, marvelling at the history, posing in a red phone box and ahem, falling out of a bar door, oblivious of a step after what, one cocktail?… It wasn’t so grim, in my embarrassment, I turned my little stumble in to a dance move and moved on. It’s a bit sad that it had to be somewhere as thriving as Leicester square though, that sucks a bit haha.

London Baby

London Baby

We laughed all day.

We were even mistaken for Londoners on three occasions and were asked for directions like we knew where the fudge we were. Most happy in our comfies and particularly me, in my wellies- we were a little phased as to why people would think that us country girls knew anything about anything at all. Especially as we seemed to be the only people in London waiting for the green man to ping up at the traffic lights to cross the road and on the occasions we crossed with everybody else, dodging traffic… we held hands…like that would stop us from getting ploughed down by a truck, haha.

Honestly, the whole day was amazing… but then… it was Usher O’clock! Words cannot express how surreal it was watching him perform. Laura and I have grown up loving his music. Hearing him sing and dance his songs back to us… in an arena with thousands of other people… it was just crazy insane. It took us back to our teenage years in a heartbeat and needless to say, we screamed like teenage girls, loving every second of such an incredible experience.

London Baby

I can’t believe that London, The O2 and Usher was a week ago. I can’t wait for what adventures are coming next for us girls, in whatever place we end up in next. If I can handle London… I can handle anywhere- no matter how scary it may seem!