Do You Remember?

Do You Remember?

Dear Matthew,

Do you remember when we first met? Do you remember how as you sat, waiting for your interview, our eyes met from across the room and (okay, I’ll admit it) I tried to find reasons to talk to you. There was something wonderful hanging in the air. Maybe it was because I was putting up a Christmas tree but I think it was because we were meant to fall in love with each other.

Do you remember how you got the job but by the time you had your first day, zesty, enthusiastic and I think, ready to meet me again… I had gone?!

Do you remember how we used to talk about each other to mutual colleagues. Do you think that maybe we missed each other before we even knew each other?

Do you remember when we met again? You couldn’t believe that all I seemed to eat were kiwi’s and I just wanted to be near you, talking to you and laughing with you. Did you know that you made me forget the heartbreak from a three year relationship that went wrong? Did you know that you made me smile so much? Did you know that you made me feel like the only girl in the whole world?

Do You Remember?

Do you remember that night, just me and you? Do you remember how we were set up and we had our first date? The most amazing first date! Did you know that the night before, in reply to a text, I said that nothing could happen because you were just too good for me? Did you know how little I had come to think of myself? Did you know what that night meant to me, the night that ‘we’ started something, our love story? Do you remember when you drove me home, you told me off for wanting to go travelling for a year? Do you think that already you couldn’t stand the thought of me not being around?

Do you remember that since that night we were inseparable?

Do You remember?

Do you remember how quickly we fell truly, madly, deeply in love? The love that conquers, the love that sometimes hurts but the love that lasts a thousand lifetimes!

Do you remember how we found ourselves on my old school field one afternoon and practiced long jump, belly laughing in the sand until it hurt?

Do you remember when for about two weeks, every night for dinner we ate crumpets with lashings of honey because we could?

Do you remember playing board games and card games and only having about four channels on T.V?

Do you remember when we had no heating that winter at my first flat so we kept each other warm?

Do you remember that night that I told you I was pregnant with Noah? We were young and it was scary…but the love was enough, right? Because you saw a chocolate weeto pop out of my nose when the pregnancy made me feel awful… and you saw me jump from the car on the way to work, be sick over the side of a bridge and on to a person below…and you still loved me…and you didn’t leave…even though I told you that you could!

Do you remember the day that he was born? When we became family? I do!

I remember everything about us. Our wedding, our beautiful Ellenah, our adventures…and the other bits that weren’t so glamorous, the bits that I would rather forget but can’t because they are important to us, who we are and how happy we are now.

Do You Remember?

I remember everything that has pushed and pulled us to here, right now.

Our marriage is five years old today.

Do You Remember?

We are completely different people now from those two crazy kids that fell in love so fiercely.

After eight years together, we have fought for every part of this love that we are so blessed to have. We have cried over it at times, tried to forget it, even tried to hate it…but we can’t, we always come back to it and will never stop saving it.

Because true love is always worth saving.Do You Remember?

Happy Anniversary Matt, I love you!

From Ria x



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