Hello Autumn

I live in Kent, The Garden Of England.

And Autumn hasn’t yet come by here. It’s biding its time, waiting. And all of us are waiting back.

All of us who long for the the season of browns, golds and berry. Us folk, who simply prefer forrest walks, crunching through fallen, crispy leaves as the chill that hangs in the air surrounds us. Us who have waited for the scent of suncream to fade into the memories of ‘the summer just gone’. Us who are desperate to pack away the sandals and say goodbye to the sunshine so that us, the typically British, can get on with starting to miss it, instantly.

But I think I saw it…

Last night!

I think I felt it brush past me as I was walking home. I pulled my burnt, orange cardigan closer to me and watched it dance with the leaves, as they aged along the side of the road.

I felt it wrap itself around my toes, before I pulled on my warmest socks and closed the bedroom window.

Autumn came in to my home.

My home that has no spiced apple or cinnamon candles. My home that needs more cozy throws. My home that will quickly accommodate the season in wait.

The season that will be here soon.

My favourite season of them all.

I was an October baby, so to me it makes sense that this would be the time of year that I love the most. Even though it is colder, less shiny and bright… Autumn always feels like a fresh start to me. I love that we don’t have to say goodbye to quality family time, just because the summer days drift away. Autumn is the perfect time for families, in my eyes. Autumn is the perfect time for me and my family especially.

And so, I have made an Autumn Bucket List for my family and me. To tick off. To get the most from it. To make us soak it up. So it doesn’t pass us by. So it doesn’t go to waste.


With Love, Ria x

P.S. What is on your Autumn Bucket List with your family?



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