His little tongue poked out of the side of his mouth and his beautiful, big eyes grew even bigger in anticipation. His little fingers shook with concentration and focus and the room was silent. I may have stopped breathing for a tiny while, worried that he would hear and I would throw him off. And there in the living room of our home, Noah tied his shoelaces for the very first time.

Precious Shared Moments

And like most milestones and the many wonderful ways that my children constantly surprise me, I felt the familiar burn of tears behind my eyes. And like most times, I didn’t let them fall but simply replaced them with the biggest smile that I can possibly fit on my face. A smile that often hurts eventually. Probably because it stays there for so long.

Moments like this remind me why I wanted to become a mother to begin with. To be there for these moments, to see them unfold, help them become. These moments fill me with so much pride, I could burst and it gives me a sense of togetherness with my two favourite people… and that feeling makes me whole and happy.

Precious Shared Moments

And there are those times, after a long day of to-do lists and elsewheres to be, when I lift my beautiful daughter with her smile that is so enchanting out of the bath and wrap her in a big, snuggly towel. I get to be there, to hug her and lose time in the smell of her damp hair and lovely songs that she sings to me in her post bath tiredness. I get to hold on to her while she is still little and lets me. I get to carry the weight of her sleepy body out of the steam filled bathroom and hug her until she is dry and warm. I get to look at her long, black eyelashes, stuck together by droplets of water and listen to her talk to me. We get to have that time.

This happens every day as a part of our routine. It’s easy not to notice just how special it is. It’s easy to take it for granted.

The truth is, Life can be so very chaotic and it’s so important to me to appreciate these little snippets of parenting bliss in the midst of life and all the busy that comes with it. It’s important to truly make them count. It’s important that I have these moments so that my children really know how loved they are, how special and wanted.

Precious Shared Moments

And like I say, it’s about togetherness, our bond… and not only how I feel about them. Not only about how I show it.

Precious Shared Moments

One of my most favourite moments is that glance at the clock, when it is so early and the rest of the world MUST be sleeping. And then two sets of feet meet each other on the landing. My bedroom door opens and my favourite faces in the world bundle through it. They’ve got books, which we will read together in bed as daylight rises and gleams through my bedroom window. Silence surrounds us and it feels like it is just us. Us and our stolen time. Almost as if we won against the expectations of the day, everything we have to do, achieve and give ourselves up for. Like we tricked the day.

Those mornings remind me how my children also feel about me. How they love me and how they think about me when they first open their eyes. How they need me. How we are a team, always on the same side.

Mornings like this are where I am something much more than a mama desperately trying to get it right, hoping I’m doing okay, always thinking I can be better. These mornings are my belonging, where I fit. It is where I don’t need to be anything other than Noah and Ellenah’s Mama…because to them, I am exactly enough.

Precious Shared Moments

These really are my precious shared moments. These and many before and beyond. Countless moments which make me feel blessed.

What are your precious shared moments? The simple, everyday moments that matter the most?

With Love,

Ria x




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Precious Moments

Last night, as my beautiful daughter allowed me and only me, to scoop her up in to my arms as her eyes felt heavy and she admitted defeat that she was feeling sleepy, I could feel my heart soften with complete and overwhelming love for her. 

She threw both arms around me and held on to me so tightly, like I was the only person other than her on the planet. She snuggled her baby soft and squishy cheeks into my collar bone and yawned. The smell of her milky breath floated out into the air and at that moment, she opened her big blue eyes and stared in to mine, blinking heavily to fight away a night of hopefully, beautiful and magical dreams.

I lay my beautiful child onto her bed and as her puffy, woodland creature covered, pink duvet enveloped her petit frame, I could see her shudder at the thought of not being snuggled up into my arms. I could see her shiver as the slight chill surrounded her and as her eyes softly closed, she reached her plump, little hand out for me to hold. And that I did!

The feeling that she did not want me to leave her prevented me from simply walking from the room and closing her door gently behind me. I sat on the edge of her bed as her breathing slowed into a calm, peaceful rhythm. I watched the corners or her mouth twitch and her bright blonde eyebrows flicker. I could see her falling deeper into her dreams.

I held her little face in my hand and stroked her little cheeks gently so not to wake her. I scooped her wispy, blonde hair away from her eyes and back in to her natural side parting, tucking it delicately behind her ears.

And Then…

I sat and I watched her.

I watched her just be. Just exist. In all of her perfection.

I’m not sure how long I sat there, just looking at my little girl. 

My little girl who is bold, funny and bright. My little girl who imitates me and challenges me in all of the best ways. My little girl who is cheeky, adventurous and curious. My little girl who will push her boundaries, know her own mind and in the most complicated way, is the sweetest little diva I could ever be blessed to call mine. 

She is everything that I could ever want from a daughter and as I kissed her cheek and left her to sleep last night, I felt so very thankful that she is my little lady.

In the hustle and bustle of every day life, I think it is important to really appreciate the special moments between us, like going for a long walk fresh from the school run, before some would even be awake and before the morning dew could dissipate. Like yesterday morning! We took in some of the countryside which hosted many of my childhood memories. We talked and we breathed in the fresh air of a beautiful morning. We greeted dog walkers and joggers who were starting the day surrounded by nature and peace and we spent some time observing the horse riders doing their daily rounds. 

When I dropped her off at pre-school, I leaned down for a kiss goodbye and she held my face in both hands and said thank you for taking me to see the horses Mama, you’re the best! I love you sooooo much’… Needless to say, I skipped off on my merry way feeling pretty good about life.

Photographs, filming and the crazy world that is the internet has become a wonderful part of our family journey, a part which we all love. But, I absolutely realise the importance of recognising the moments away from it all so that I can soak up, hold on to, cherish and protect them – these moments that matter so much to me!

Squeezes and Love

x Ria x